Americana | Steve Cavanagh | Mason Cross | SJI Holliday

After the gripping session with Denise, Craig and Luca in Rothesay Library, I and all the other Bute Noirians hot-footed it down to Print Point for their first event of the weekend.

Of course, there was wine (there’s always wine at Bute Noir – it’s become the tradition!) and at Print Point there are always THE most marvellous cakes, baked by Karen’s mum. The cakes have also become a bit of a Bute Noir tradition and I make a mental note to find out how many she has baked by the end of the weekend!

Karen and her team had crammed as many chairs into the bookshop as was physically possible to squeeze in and fortunately for me, I got one near the front!

Tonight’s session is ‘Americana’ featuring Steve Cavanagh and Mason Cross, ably quizzed by SJI Holliday (I am liking her American flag shirt in this photo). Steve’s from Norn Irn and Mason is Scottish and both authors regaled us with how they ended up writing about American crime when they are both a continent away from it.

Steve, Mason and Susi

The hero of Steve’s series is Eddie Flynn, Mason’s is Carter Blake (or is it?!). Both authors explained how research trips to the USA are vital and how Google is their friend! And boy, is it important to get the details of an American city or procedure correct!

Scottish author Susi was well-prepared for her session with the chaps and by the time we all rolled out into the street after that Friday night chat, I was laden down like a pack-mule with my Denise Mina, Craig Robertson and now a couple of Mason and Steve books!

It wasn’t even the end of the first evening and already I knew that I’d be knee-deep in crime books until Christmas!