2024 Schedule

Pick up your full programme of events from Print Point or download using button below. Depicted below is your at-a-glance on-line schedule for Bute Noir 2024. This has been altered to reflect the fact that neither Val McDermid nor Quintin Jardine can now appear at Bute Noir 2024.

The pdf of the 2024 Programme of Events can be downloaded to your device here via this button: Please note – this current document does not yet include the fabulous new session with Lin and Lorna Dawson CBE event, nor that spy-fiction queen Ava Glass joins the Destination Thrillers panel. Note – it also does not included the new session from Antti Tuomainen.

Just want to see quickly who is on when? Here’s a screenshot of the most up to date information (correct as of 13 July 2024):