Luca Veste

Luca is a writer of Italian and Scouse heritage and is the author of the Murphy and Rossi novels Dead Gone, The Dying Place, Bloodstream and Then She Was Gone, part psychological thriller, part procedural, they take place in the city of Liverpool.

Taking on both sides of a contrasting city, they explore the changing landscape of Liverpool and “bad” things which can happen within it. Luca’s latest stand

alone novel The Bonekeeper a prime example of this.

Luca is also one of the “Fun Lovin’ Crimewriters” alongside Chris Brookmyre, Mark Billingham, Val McDermid, Stuart Neville and Doug Johnstone, murdering songs for fun on stage throughout the UK.

“It will corrupt your days and shatter your nights.” – Val McDermid

You can see Luca:

Rothesay Library, 9pm – 10pm, Friday 3 August – interviewing Chris Brookmyre.

Rothesay Library, 2pm – 3pm, Saturday 4 August – Now For Something Completely Different – with Chris Brookmyre, Helen Fitzgerald and Abir Mukherjee.

Bute Museum, 5.30pm – 6.30pm, Sunday 5th August –  The Last Stand – with Craig Roberston and Alex Gray – and whomever else is still standing!