Ian Rankin sponsors Bute Noir!

We’re absolutely thrilled that the following news story has been picked up by The Daily Record as well as The Buteman!

Bute Noir is flush with success after securing sponsorship from from one of the most familiar names in crime fiction – Ian Rankin.

Like all good crime novels though, there’s a twist. It’s not the global bestseller who os backing the festival but the plumber from Rothesay.

Ian has been tending to Bute’s plumbing needs for 35 years and now he’s sinking his cash into the island’s crime festival.

‘I am more than happy to support anything that promotes the island,’ he said. ‘Bute Noir does a fantastic job of that. And it does seem kind of appropriate, with my name, that I get involved.’

The ‘real’ Ian Rankin is fully behind his namesake’s sponsorship initiative. ‘I’d known of the other Ian as I’d seen pics of his van online. Good on him for doing it. And good luck to Bute Noir too. It looks like being a cracking festival.’

Crime writer Craig Robertson is the festival’s director and explains that the Rankin sponsorship has been in the pipeline for over a year.

“We’ve had our eye on Ian as a potential sponsor for a while. We’re already backed by Live Arygyll, CalMac Ferries, For Bute, and Bute Island Foods but Ian Rankin seemed a perfect resource for us to tap into. We were delighted when he agreed to sponsor us and were just hoping the news wouldn’t leak before now.”

Craig declined to put a figure on how much Mr Rankin has agreed to put into Bute Noir, saying “That’s between us and Ian but we’re very grateful for his support. Let’s just say he’s not paying us in washers.”


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