Bute Noir 2020 | Update

We’ve some news.

It’s not news we want to send and it’s not news you want to hear. But sadly, it’s something that has become increasingly inevitable as the past month has worn on.

We are, with heavy heart, having to cancel Bute Noir for 2020.

The continuing lockdown and the probability that even when lockdown is over, some social distancing restrictions will remain in place, mean that the likelihood of us being able to gather at the end of July just isn’t realistic.

We really wish we could give you something to look forward to, it’s something we all need right now, but we need to be practical and responsible. Our priority must be the health and well-being of the people of Bute, and bringing ferry loads of visitors from the mainland couldn’t be justified in the current climate or even if things are slightly eased.

It’s so tempting to tell you the fabulous line-up of crime writers who’d agreed to come to the island this summer but that would be just piling on the agony in the style of Bullseye… here’s what you could have won. Instead, we’ll extend an invitation to all of them to come to Bute in 2021 and aim to make that the best festival yet.

We are very hopeful though that you won’t have to wait that long to see some of your favourite crime writers. We will work hard to bring pop-up events to Bute once it’s safe to do so, to bridge the gap until next year’s festival. We will, of course, give you details of those as soon as we have them.

Again, we’re sorry to bring you bad news – believe us it hurts to do so – but we thank you for your support of our first four festivals and can’t wait to see you at the fifth. So put a date in your diary for next year.

July 30-August 1 2021 – the best Bute Noir yet.

Craig, Karen, Anne and Patricia