Anna Smith

Anna was an award-winning journalist who spent a career on the frontline all across the world for daily newspapers. She covered conflicts from Rwanda to Somalia to Kosovo, as well as reporting on major incidents such as the Dunblane shootings and 9/11.

She turned the vast experience gathered to good use when she wrote the nine books in her Rosie Gilmour series. Rosie, a gritty Glasgow journalist, tackles corruption and stops at nothing to get to the truth.

Anna has now followed the Gilmour series with her Kerry Casey books, gripping tales of gangland crime and revenge.

In Blood Feud, Kerry Casey knows that running a crime empire is not a job she ever asked for, and not one she wants, but she is determined to fulfil her father’s wishes and make the Caseys go straight. First, though, she will find the men who murdered her mother, and she will take t

hem down, no matter what it costs.

You can see Anna:

Rothesay Library 2.30pm  – 3,30pm Sunday 5 August Hold The Front Page with Craig Robertson.