Luca Veste

A Bute Noir favourite, Luca is a writer of Italian and Scouse heritage and is the author of the Murphy and Rossi novels Dead Gone, The Dying Place, Bloodstream and Then She Was Gone, part psychological thriller, part procedural, they take place in the city of Liverpool. Taking on both sides of a contrasting city, they explore the changing landscape of Liverpool and the terrible things which can happen within it. Luca changed direction slightly in 2018, with his chilling standalone The Bonekeeper, in which the lines between myth and reality became dangerously blurred. He is set to unleash another standalone upon us in October 2019 when The Six is published. It is a terrifying tale of a pact that goes horribly wrong when six friends decide to cover up a tragic accident.

Luca is also one of the Fun-Lovin’ Crime Writers alongside Chris Brookmyre, Mark Billingham, Val McDermid, Stuart Neville and Doug Johnstone, murdering songs for fun on stage throughout the UK including an appearance at Glastonbury in the summer of 2019.


Saturday, 3rd August:  9.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Bute Museum
A Question of Court”:  With Craig Robertson as quiz-master. The Return of the Quiz! Followed by musical entertainment from Mark Billingham, Chris Brookmyre, Luca Veste, Oscar De Muriel and more.

Sunday 4 August 5pm – 6pm
Bute Museum
“Room 101”
Mick Herron, Ed James, Caro Ramsay and Luca Veste