Lisa Gray |Noelle Holten | Allan Martin

In addition to our main line up, we have invited three debut authors who we believe can go on to great things.

Journalist Lisa Gray has become a Number One bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic with her electric debut Thin Air.

Probation officer Noelle Holten uses the knowledge of her job to great effect in the thrilling Dead Inside.

Allan Martin, a regular visitor to Bute, uses another island, Islay, as the setting for his novel The Peat Dead. Our three newcomers will be joined by established authors Myra Duffy and Douglas Skelton in a panel we’ve called Do As I Say (not as I do) in which they will discuss that difficult second novel and where to go from there.

Sunday 4 August 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Bute Museum
“Do As I Say (not as I do)”
Myra Duffy and Douglas Skelton offer advice to Lisa Gray, Noelle Holten and Allan Martin






Noelle Holten