Ian Rankin

A legend of the genre, Ian Rankin has sold over 30 million books and is published in 36 languages and has topped bestseller charts around the world.

His iconic Detective Inspector John Rebus sets the standard for crime fiction cops everywhere. From his first appearance in Knots & Crosses, Rebus has grabbed the public imagination and never let go. He is a curmudgeonly outsider, but we love him for it, as we do his fondness for books, music, beer and whisky. Rebus and the Oxford Bar are as much a recognisable part of Edinburgh as Princes Street and the Castle.

The most recent Rebus novel, In a House of Lies, is a masterpiece of intrigue. Ten years after a missing private investigator is found locked in a car hidden deep in the woods – in an area that had already been searched – a new inquiry combs through the mistakes of the original case. Rebus is the only person who knows where the trail may lead – and that it could be the end of him.

As a contemporary social commentator – and thrilling storyteller – Ian Rankin has few rivals.

Friday, 2nd August:  9pm – 10pm Rothesay Library
Ian Rankin (interviewed by Lin Anderson)

Saturday, 3rd August:  3.30 pm – 4.30
Rothesay Library
“The All-Star Game”
Mark Billingham, Ann Cleeves, Stuart MacBride and Ian Rankin